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We have spent years in the industry helping others achieve their goals. We enjoy the challenge of finding unique solutions to our client's problems. Rather than finding ways to charge more for less, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality services at the best prices. We are people, who work with people, to develop the relationships that help us all grow.

Our Commitment To You

Most businesses are formed in anticipation of customer needs, but Austin-Haver Digital Solutions was formed in anticipation of customer frustrations. Low cost, quick turn-around digital products from website building and content creation mills have helped many new business owners enter into the digital landscape, but the poor quality and usability of these products often does more to drive users away than encourage them. They add to the proliferation of uninspiring and inadequately functioning websites and databases cluttering the internet. At the same time this digital junk drives away potentiality users, it saddles its owners with endless updates, revisions, and repairs at progressively increasing, often undisclosed, costs.

Austin-Haver is a rejection of that quick buck website and content creation mill business model. We reflect integrity in our craft and our passion leads us to create the best digital products and services possible to meet our client's needs. We approach our clients with the information and suggestions they need to make sound decision for their business. We produce high quality, customized solutions to their most pressing digital dilemmas. We deliver what we promise and we sleep well at night knowing that we can stand by our work. Austin-Haver clients can relax and enjoy the process of seeing their dreams come to life knowing they are working with a dedicated, enthusiastic, trust-worthy team of technology professionals.

We Finish The Job

Every client is an individual with their own needs. Every service is designed with that in mind. Until you are satisfied with what we've done, we will keep working towards a solution. We hand pick our clients to ensure they will be satisfied with our services. We are fair, reliable, and helpful. We follow through on our word because we care about helping you meet your goals. We promise to treat your business or project like it is our very own. Your success is our success.

Let's do cool stuff together!

We Are a Certified IONOS Provider

We offer the security and reliability of IONOS hosting and email service through our partnership with them. We also offer full service hosting with website concierge service.

Certified Ionos Provider

Full Service Web Hosting

Regardless of the project size, whether you built it or we did, we can power your project and provide you with a dedicated engineer to make sure it's smooth sailing. You'll have unlimited storage and the ability to host both static and dynamic pages that use up to 100 databases. 


Email Hosting

Full Service Email Hosting

You'll be able to add and remove email addresses, integrate with the most useful email clients, migrate emails, forward to a catch all box and have direct web access, all with a single call or email. This is truly a full service option for those who want their email service to work for them, not vice versa.


Do you have questions? Ask us! 
(904) 361-1672

Do you have a great idea for your business or project, but are afraid it will cost too much to do? Contact us. We know how to stretch a shoe string! We can help you find the best solutions for your budget. Even if that solution isn't with us.

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Austin-Haver Digital Solutions
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