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The people behind Austin-Haver Digital Solutions have a combined 45 years worth of experience in this industry. We've learned a good deal about what it takes for a business to succeed in digital spaces. Below is a list of services our clients commonly request. If you don't see what you need here, reach out to us! We have your solution!

Our Services

Web Design
Do you want your users to experience an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate version of your website across all their devices? Austin-Haver’s attractive, engaging, responsive, and adaptive website layouts will provide your customers with an ideal user experience. Tell us what you want your users to see and do, and we will make it happen for you.

Our high quality design provides the perfect User Interface. UX design defines how the interface will work by anticipating how people will interact with it. Clever UI/UX conspires to drive user interactions across an interface. Austin-Haver knows how to get your users to click where you want them to click. If your users find your interface difficult to use, we can help

Web Development 
A website is only as good as the markup and code it is made of. We write clean, organized, stable code that is easily adapted for future integrations, then we host it securely so that your company and user data is safe. We can even attach offer a simple but powerful, low frustration web builder for quick and easy changes at no charge.

Does your website have all the tools needed to bring someone from Google search to payment without further interaction? This is the way that 21st century business is headed. In order for you to competitive, it's time to move forward. We have the tools that can drive your success.

Email Hosting
Businesses that use a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail domains see 31% less email interaction with their users than those with private domains. Private domain and email based calls to action are far more effective. Our secure hosting is a must have to drive your success.

When you are ready to switch to more effective services, we can prevent the loss of your data and records. Many businesses are very client contact sensitive. If you don't want to lose those communications, we're here to facilitate their preservation.

Email Integration 
If the tedium of provisioning email systems is taking you away from more pressing tasks, we have a team of professionals, who are well versed in email security, ready to handle it. You have a business to run. It's time for you to be free to do so.

Email is more capable than most realize. We have written integrations for web chat, CRMs, SMS, MMS, ticketing, form lead captures, payment systems, digital contract signing, on-site booking, and much more. If you spend time across multiple systems, our integrations are your solution.

Local Presence Optimization 
Your local community should be your biggest fans, but they can’t support your business if they don’t know that you’re there. Austin-Haver can make you visible to your local customers across the platforms they use the most.

Back-link building is difficult. We excel at both the organic and paid back-linking. Over the years we've built a network of high authority pages that can get the job done. Facebook mentions, positive review campaigns, and anti-click farm experience are just a few of the many tools we can use to make your dream become a successful business.

Technical SEO 
The time it takes for your website to load is measured in milliseconds and they add up fast. A long load time can prevent you from ever having a high Google ranking. It also prevents people from viewing your page. Load time is just one aspect of technical SEO. We have the skills to ensure you that your audience not only finds your page, but stays there long enough to become a new customer.

To be on the top of Google, at both the local and national levels, requires consistent analytics and modification. Best practice code and keyword friendly content are some of the most misunderstood concepts in the web development world and where we excel. Our proprietary methods allow us to do on page SEO at a far better price and with far better results than the competition.

Integration and Design
Can your CRM and Facebook communicate? Do your Social Media accounts work in conjunction to bring a branded and effective message? Have you ever lost a client over missing a Facebook message. With our Social Media Integrations, this will no longer be a concern. You will have full control of all of your Social Media with our integrations.

When designing effective public social media for your business or event, banner size and format, target audience, picture quality and many other considerations come in to play. The tools to do so have become crushingly expensive and the market research is incredibly time consuming. We would be happy to take the burden off your shoulders and at a fraction of the price of buying software. 

Management and Marketing
Content creation and scheduled high demographic usage posting are within the scope of our expertise. From memes to content marketing, your use of social media can either prevent your forward movement or propel you to new heights. With our social media management, you can be certain that you are creating a climate for positive growth.

Similar to PPC campaigns, Social Media Marketing can be an incredibly effective tool at a fraction of the cost. From choosing your CTA functions to landing page funnels, the risk can be as great as the reward if not optimized properly. With our experience, we bring assurance to the table. Austin-Haver will create a campaign and funnel that provides the increase where you need it most; in your bottom line. 

Social Media and Interactive Content 
3.6 BILLION people worldwide connect and share on social media. If your business doesn't have a social media presence you are leaving money on the table. A polished social media presence can draw customers to your website from all over the world. Austin-Haver not only recognizes the power of social media to reach an audience, we harvest that power and direct it toward your business. Let us help your business go viral.

Your business doesn't stand still and neither should your content. Interactive content like quizzes, games, and polls not only keep your users on your page longer, they engage your users with your company and provide you with critical information about what your potential customers think and do. Let Austin-Haver design entertaining interactive content that encourages your users to interact with your company and rewards them by doing so. 

Ghost Writing and Blog Writing

Do you want to say something important to your audience in YOUR voice, but you don't feel confident in your writing abilities? Consult with one of our expert ghost writers. We can tell your story from your perspective and you can keep all the credit.

Blog articles are informative, engaging, topic-specific content that keep your users coming back for more and more. New content is not only a draw to your audience, it is a draw to search engines. Search engines scour the internet for the newest, freshest content. Freshly updated blog articles deliver that content, thereby helping to raise your page ranking. For as wonderful as they are for the user and search engines, they can be a pain for your business because articles take significant time, research, and skill to write. Austin-Haver's coffee-powered writer's room produces high quality, informative, search engine friendly content at a highly caffeinated pace. Let us write for you and your audience. 

Banners and Icons
An eye-catching banner can make your website pop while drawing attention to your offerings. At Austin-Haver we know how to produce banners that grab your users' attention and compel them to click. Show your company's pride in your offerings with a custom designed, attention grabbing banner that you can share across multiple platforms.

They say "don't sweat the small stuff", but there is no "small stuff" in digital design. Professionally designed icons elevate any website. Your audience will appreciate being able to identify your company from a list of similar businesses and navigate your pages intuitively based on the graphics they see. If your users are unsure what to click next, customized icons might be just the solution. Austin-Haver is here to help you create the right graphics to guide your users through their visit on your site.

Landing Pages and Social Media Posts
Attractive, engaging landing pages inspire your users to reach out to YOU. Austin-Haver has creating lead gathering landing pages down to fine art. Let us create inescapable online sales funnels for your business that end with your future customers contacting you to learn more. Don't chase your leads, capture them with an Austin-Haver custom designed landing page.

Social Media is were we live. We spend countless hours each day making, posting, and tracking the popularity of social media posts. We create engaging visual, written, and short video content that your community will enjoy sharing. Let us help you design your social media presence and fill it with premium content.

Need Something Different?

 Voip service and call center integrations, CRM design and installation, and client and customer portals area also available. Other services may be available to your business or project. Contact us directly for a free consultation to discuss your programming needs. 

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